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At 11:09am on November 19, 2009, Franz Nahrada said…
Welcome Olga! We are glad to connect with Archangelsk!
At 11:57am on November 19, 2009, Franz Nahrada said…
"As far as I know, you suggested the Arkhangelsk region information cooperation in the development of rural areas. " - Thats right, it was based on the work of Gleb Tyurin. But I increasingly had the feeling that he is pretty alone in his work and there is no real movement (yet?) that really resonates with this fantastic vision. Politicians (especially regional) seem to be sceptical (yet?) and there is a general maybe justified negative attitude towards grassroots movements. Also, on our side, things did not develop as fast as I hoped. Our network exists, but it must be much more organized and vital. So on both sides we had a reality check. Lets hope we can get something going in the long run, and start exploring opportunities. Thanks again for joining!
At 8:00pm on February 5, 2010, Franz Nahrada said…
Olga, it would be great if we can start collecting places of hope throughout the world, places that we can point to as examples and models. There is the global ecovillage network with some instances in Russia, but when I see how most of these ecovillages despise and suspect technology per se, how much they depend on human labor and effort, they might not be attractive enough for city people to really inspire change. So where are the places of light that give good examples? I think that would be a wothwhile question.
At 8:56pm on February 5, 2010, Olga Ulyanova said…
Good evening! You sent me by God Himself))) You can not imagine what an important issue you have raised! "The fact is that I now take part in a project to create Ecovillages with developed infrastructure, but also environmentally friendly. This is a youth project, it involved young professionals from all over Russia. At the moment the project is under development. You can not imagine how we could help your experience! We will be glad if you share your knowledge in the field of advanced technologies for eco-villages. We have significant gaps in this area. Well, we welcome any cooperation in this good cause!
Sincerely, Olga
At 10:22pm on February 5, 2010, Franz Nahrada said…

all I can say if there is a location, a circumstance, a community - then we have good chance to organize around you a network of support. It is what this online community is waiting for: real life examples that want to challenge the possibilities of the Global Villages principle. We have never really tried it out yet, but I suppose there are many thousands of viable options that can help your project to thrive. The principle is endlessly powerful: focus on Open Source technologies, use them, exploit them, contribute to them, promote them.

I want to give you two short links to show the tip of the iceberg:

we were inspired by Marcin Jakubowskis FactorEFarm project. If we could find a group of young Russian technicians and practicioners to partner with him and have a physical mirror site, we would most likely get a reality check for some of his claims (I do not believe in all of them, just in most) and a broader base to pursue that basically VERY sound venture.

check this out:

look at

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