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A new years message to Globalvillagers

A new years message to Globalvillagers


                "We are the ones who still seem to be figuring out...

       to be the ones we've been waiting for."

                Tom Atlee,

A happy new year 2011 to everybody, be it via the mailinglist or other channels !

I have not written to the communit(ies) for quite a long time and want to give an update on many points… Continue

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Options, options, options .....

Today I had a skype chat with Katri Sander from Communitytools - a project in development in Tallin, Estonia. She is project manager in this exciting and extraordinary endavour that means a lot to me. Communitytools is a very serious attempt to provide local communities all around the world with…


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June 2010 letter to the Globalvillages Community

This post goes -identically - to the members of the NING Group 'Global Villages Network' and to the members of the yahoogroup 'globalvillages'.

This is going to be a rather lengthy letter with many messages overdue - and therefore it makes sense to start right away with a table of contents:

thank you for the effort to read this!



Top News

1. State of Global Villages Network, NING… Continue

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A clarification (especially concerning our friends in Russia)

I have gained some attention in Russia after writing to the governor of Archangelsk about an opportunity to support sound rural development with the help of a Global Villages Network. This network is supposed to be a network of experts and innovators all around the world that cares about the future of Villages.

I need to make some clarification before going on with this matter. It is very interesting that there was a generally receptive attitude to the existence of such a network,… Continue

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Message from Russia.

Recently our friend Gleb Tyurin organized a high level meeting on innovative ways in rural development in the Region of Vologda (between Moscow and Archangelsk). A group of experts and local and federal policy makers awaited dialogue with external participants via videobridge. To my bad surprise, Gleb seemed to be very nervous in the morning when the conference started. We could only connect shortly and… Continue

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Pamela McLean and Post Industrial Development in Africa

The following will be pubished in Michel Bauwens P2P blog and I also post it here:

"That is the opportunity that the development of Africa presents. Rural Africa missed out on the industrial revolution that raised the living standards of the industrial nations. It is a fresh canvas where we can paint a new picture of development. We can work together, learning from the mistakes of the past, using the sustainable technologies of the present, developing the technolgies of…

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Russia and the next long wave, and why its agricultural villages are important

By Michel Bauwens,

Comment Franz Nahrada: This was the first in a series of external, global comments that will increasingly complement our interview in Regnum Magazine. I tag this with "ArchangelskChallenge". These comments are meant as a preparation and initial communication with Russian experts for figuring out the possible cooperation with Global Villages Network. I would like to invite all members… Continue

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Aiden Lloyd: The Irish model has much in common with Archangelsk experience

Comment Franz Nahrada: This is the second external comment in our "Archangelsk Challenge" series, and it is written from a sound base of experience with community development in Ireland

Interview with Aiden Lloyd who works with POBAL (Irish agency that manages local development programmes on behalf of the Irish Government and the EU).To be published in REGNUM magazine, Russia…


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Interview in Regnum Magazine (Russia) together with Gleb Tyurin

Comment Franz Nahrada: A very comprehensive Interview that appeared in REGNUM magazine on the16th of February 2009 and opened a discussion space that all members of this

network are called to contribute to. The title is overtly opimistic, the decision

has not really been made yet, and it is also not clear how much this network is able to really evolve into a supportive entity. Therefore I call it the "Archangelsk Challenge".

Archangelsk region will help Russia… Continue

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The Ultimate Purpose of GlobalVillages is Health

I like that mantra, reiterated many times after Tony Gwilliam gave it to me in a garden in Ojai somewhen in the early 90ies. Tony is now enjoying a quite healthy circumstance in his Bloo Lagoon Village in Bali. Still for many health issues we have to refuge to cities

So it made me particularly happy that the linkages of the health community to Global Village issues is becoming stronger. I reccomend reading the recently published Interview of Claude… Continue

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What are Global Villages?

GlobalVillages is an expression that some people "borrowed" (with expressed consent from Eric and Corinne McLuhan in 1998) from a very popular concept by MarshallMcLuhan.

We changed the notion, though. The McLuhans said this was fine because it was part of Marshalls Intention to show and play with this dialectic from virtual to real.

For us, "Global Villages" are real settlements, physical neighbourhoods,… Continue

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Convincing a Russian region to become a globalvillages stronghold

The Global Villages Network was founded in 1997 at the third international Global Village Symposium in Viennas city hall. Allready then, we had a long history of making contacts and spreading the idea of an immense interplay between the virtual and the local. For 10 years, we focussed on the experimental work in Austria rather than on international endavours, and we developed compelling solutions for boosting the educational offerings in a rural area. The "Model Kirchbach" developed and we… Continue

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Very good article on the relations of technology and environmentalism

A Brighter Shade of Green

Rebooting Environmentalism for the 21st Century
by Ross Robertson

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